Sure Thing

On the water distances are oceanic
when there is land the sea becomes green
the waves become larger and more regular
when you decide that a sure thing is a sure thing.

More following through now more finishing up
more making of poems out of old screams
more competent closure for disappearing times
when you decide that sure things are sure things.

Beliefs come and go like the leafs of the seasons
from bud to spread from waving to leaving
convictions like scars of the whip on the back
are things less sure than a good craving.

Youth is strong especially when well bred
then legs are broken and loss stings
boxes shattered and envelopes end up empty
they must give way to some sure things.

You may consult the latest opinions
get directions from the mainstream
but when the road turns to gravel and dirt
continue to turn to find the surest thing.

In the hands of experience the gloves
come off and damage is done to the dream
a hedging of bets and debts descended upon me
when I decided a sure thing was a sure thing.


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