Repetition and Simplicity

Treat your neighbors with respect
treat your tools with care
treat your animals like they matter
but treat yourself better.

Make your food with your own hands
make beer this season for the next
make a difference every day
make a gesture and meet half way.

Repeat after me, ‘Keep it simple.’
Repeat after me, ‘Cut to the chase.’
Repeat after me, ‘Love is essential.’
Keep repeating these simple phrases.

When it comes to getting things done
learn to be more reasonable
when life wants to be bigger than life
speak the language of the impossible.

Barefoot we feel everything
shod in boots we know we can
in slippers the mind scuffs upward
into tomorrow’s black wingspan.

Repeat after me, ‘Keep on shining.’
Repeat after me, ‘Cut loose your losses.’
Repeat, ‘Love knows no gravity.’
Every single step is an endless process.


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