Hells Bells Sweet Pea

Hells bells, I ain’t young no more, hells bells
hells bells where is the liquor store? Hells bells
cuz I ain’t young no more.

Dog nog, it ain’t easy no more, dog nog
Dog nog my gold has turned to ore dog nog
It ain’t easy any more.

I feel like I am on the beach
with sandy toes and eating peaches
my worries get the broom when
you walk into the room
the frying pan and the fire
couldn’t get much higher.

Dang dong, there is too much to do all day long
all year long too much to master with shivering fingering
Dang dong, too much to do.

Sweet pea, it’s me and you and you and me
sweet pea I close my eyes it’s you I see sweet pea.
It’s warm weather for you and me.

Am7 ///  G7 ///  C7 ///  E7 ///
Am7 ///  E7///  D7 ///
C7 / F7 / E /// ////

G ///  ////  C /// G ///
G7 ///  ////  C /// G7 ///
C7 /// D9 / Am7 /
D7 /// ////
F7 /// C /// //// ////


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