Beyond the Novel

Questions in guise of boyish holiness
in courses of runoff his rain took form
decorated and lit in not enough words
come to terms spending what one can afford
transient composition firm in its elements
over a decade a thousand pages written
loosened and wrenched from rocky walls
embossed in leafy hieroglyphs on paper
in order suggestive but subject to
pressures from various cultural preferences
via such wrangling writer and reader
smother differences threatening clarity
buying off indulgences and banged up
pushy simplifications faded reliefs
in longevity of shape flighty associations
cluster syntactically myriad species
of bird and fowl over watery mound
that bulge of semantic that will rise
after scribes swim and jokes are carved
out of uncounting and chanting green
the brown green of root in mud the yellow
green of sprout in light the olive green of
halting wisdom ensconced in maybe
rashly put down landscapes maybe sharply
seen culminations beyond the novel.


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