Pending Dazzling

Learn more than a bit, than a scrap, than minutiae, than fact.
Feel more than a little stimulus
more than a hat full of chit chat strewn about.
more than a minute by minute endlessness.

Hold out for a fight, for a job, for heaviness, for fate.
Stay right in the center of battle.
Undergo upheaval like you have been waiting
waiting to upend your bottom out of its seat.

You know today
had its inside turned out from the
dark root to the highest bud
and off it flew.

Hung like yellow pears, almost ripe, on branches bent low.
Be ready to slip and let go
falling in order to keep all order flowing.
Say what you mean so the status can’t eat your quo.

Pending dazzling
built from broken pins and needles
wings of beating sinews so
you can fly.

Suspended from the morning sky papery white hills
wake up in the dangling cold dawn
wondering how it will be different this time.
You can be different if you stop holding on.

DMa9 ///  Bb7 / F#m7 / D /// Bb7 / F#m7 /
DMa9 /// Bb7 / F#m7 /
DMa9 ///  Bb7 / F#m7 /
D7  G6 G#7 E  A7 ///  //// ////

[3/4] Am //  ///
C9 //  C Cb D
C#b5 //  D7 //
G7 //  F#7 // /// ///


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