Small Things

It’s the small things
the things that only take a minute
it’s all about the shit so little
that we forget to pay attention
most of the quickly passing time.

The big things depend
on the small things being competent
being in place or out of place
depending on the shape of the weather
depending on the up-looking faces.

All of the small things
must hold hands in a big circle
for anything to work like music
like grace like political compromises
like remembering your childhood.

The small of the quickly
catching of doves in the corner
of the eye as a pair floats
down to eat in the street near
each other near home.

Have you tried elevating
your thought to god and history
while the firing of the synapses
stutter over the temperature
over breakfast and aches?

So small I had to recall
where I put it on which shelf
in which room what keyword
it was shoved under to wait
for the latter-day drill.


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