Our First Date

On our very first date
neither one of us knew how to act
we went out to hear some music
we came back to my apartment in a mood.

I don’t know if that is true
but it is how I remember it
it was so nice to be new
so right to be tied up
out of control like a taboo
cockeyed coming unglued.

On our second date we
gathered up some blankets for a night out
underneath the silk milky way
conversation shot across the desert sky.

At first we kept it discreet
not telling anyone anything
not at work not family
into winter and spring
keeping it secret and offbeat
the privacy heating it up.

It was the start of a life
neither one of us
knew or could have known
simply because we
always thought we were alone.

Wasn’t that a strange night
contemplating kissing and then kissing
thinking about wrong turned right
moving fast and wanting to be slow as snow.

That was a long time ago
worth remembering
innocent although
willing to wing it
following where it would go.

[4/4] Am9 /// F9 // A7
A#m7 Am7 G#m7 B7  Cm7b5 ///
Am7 / Gm9 /  F9 / Ebm9 /
G7#5 /  Am9 / Bb6 ///

[5/4] Gm7 ////  Gb6 /
Gb6 //  FMa9 ////
A ////  E // Bm9 /
[4/4] Am / Dm7 /
F# / G /
Cm7 / Bm7 /

[4/4] G6 ///
G6 ///
A6 / C#7 /
F#m7 ///
G#6 / C7 / ////


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