Don’t worry none about your homespun look, bookish and coy
from my view you make me feel like a schoolboy spellbound
held and hypnotized by love.

If you think I give two hoots about you being in style
watch me take off everything you have on while you
shine like the half moon above.

Other women hide their character behind fresh paint
being what they ain’t
pride and fashion used like handcuffs
like they’ve been branded
you on the other hand stroll in and out of all

My arms around my glamourlessly sane work of fine art
captive to your eloquent and rain-making, heart-stopping
air, I need to stand and stare.

FMa7 / Bm7 / A11 / G#7#5 / CMa7 ///
Dbm7b5 /// F / AbMa7 / Edim7 / Am7 / Bm7 / G#m7 / Gm7 ///
Cm7 / Edim7 / D7 / Fdim7 / Cm7 /// ////

[4/4] Dbm7 // Ab7 / Fdim7 /
[3/4] CMa9 // G69 //
[4/4] Dm7 / Bb6 / Em7 / FMa9 /
[3/4] C7 //  Ebdim7 //
[4/4] FMa7 / CMa7 / Dm9 / A7 / D7 / Fdim7 / Cm7 /// ////


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