Man Woman Hand Face

I see an Arab
see an Arab man
Arab man being beaten
beating himself up over
losing the face his father
left him when
he died all
he had all
there was left
of the empire
the old days
full of face
empty of hand

I see an Arab
I see an Arab woman
Arabic written on her
written on her face and hands
face becoming hands
seeing becoming doing
I see an Arab
woman taking
off one mask
after another
hands taking
off many faces
can you see her?
Probably not

I hear the Arabic
words of an old kingdom
broken up between kings
and queens nameless many
faceless and handless
flying on ancient
momentum across
borders drawn
in ink and in henna
in zawiya from minbar
dry coughing
oily rasp while
hinterlands are full
of nations getting


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