Never Forever

Coming up to downtown
seeing through the walls
eating breakfast all day
needing nothing at all
never forever.

Oceans in my coffee
evenings on my toast
less than once upon a laugh
love is more than most
never forever.

Differentially we are so same
solidly clear you see through time
sentimentally endlessly late
locked up in sweet crime.

Where did daytime go
without midnight without
wrapping arms around his

Felt like feeling senseless
drunk on twisted knee
could not see the eyelids
only what they show me
never forever.

C ///
F7 /// G7#5 ///
CMa7 ///
AMa7 / Fm7 / Bb6 / Am7 /  C9 /// Am7 ///

Dm7 / BMa7 / G7 / A6 /
Bm11 // G#m7  C9 / C#9 /
C9 / D9 / C6 ///
AMa7 / Ab6 /  Dm / Am7 / G7 / A11  C ///

F7 / G7 /
Ab69 / C7 /
E7  D7
G7#5 /  C ///


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