More Less Blue

If I knew what it was that made me happy when I’m blue
I would cut it off and give it to you
if it was something I could put a name to
it might be Katzenjammer
or it might be Sam I Am.

Torrential rains fall into gutters for us to drive through
when it splashes up into the engine
everything stops until the sun has been
shining high until the blue
is bright enough for you.

I want more of I don’t know
I want a little less too
less of more than anyone
can chew.

Bring your own sweet time
spend it on our paradigm
days become long nights
full of love and pantomime.

G6 /// A7 ///
G6 ///  D7 ///
G6 / F#m7 /
Bm7 / Am7 /
F7 / E / Eb9 / D7 /  //// ////

F#7 / G69 / CMa7 ///
FMa9 /// G6 ///
A6 /// Bm7 // F#m7 G6 /// ////

A7 / Bb6 / Cm7 / Bm7 /  G ///
[NV] F#7 / G7 / D9 /// //// [2x]


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