a foot ahead maintains
a level attitude and a fine
sober landscape
degrees counted
out by hand motions
not with any numbers
but perfect perpendicularity
between backbone and
eyeline extending from
pupil to landmark

memory and forgiveness
of alderwood and pine
humor like bark
a grin of oak
with birch sympathy
and beech empathy
and branches spreading
right and wrong
in a canopy of curiosity
shading a forest floor

no home of its own
a shed or a shack
a covering and away
if it’s lucky
living like a stack
of cardboard boxes
kept at hand in case
they had to run again
prepacked and quickly
stuck in the trunk

change is change
mercurial or meant
time of day or
the play of rays
on some surface barely
moving like water
unnoticed such things
can’t be lived by
but by following the fall
of light you can be gone

what does every morning
or every storm
say about you
and what do you
say about having
been caught in it bent
by its more disciplined
ascendending and dropping
on your headstrong


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