Relax As If

Back when youth was an infinite season
when a look ahead was seen as treason
back when stress was true
worrying needed to be fed clothed and bathed
like a babe, life thrived.

Now when food and drink and entertainment rule
sitting down is rather like a cold crime
you can’t help but stew
certainly something must be tried must be done
no shunning your duty.

Relax as if the day lay in your hand
as if years passed were almost planned.

Be rested as if life depended on it
sand shifts air lifts clouds spent on the ground.

Grind out your grain-fed flour and use it in bread
cut a slice buttered twice consumed in bed.

Relax as if
the pilot
held in her hands the quiet

Hands on the head
somehow tired
eyes lively and bright red

Your drink be drunk
your flesh fresh
your ideas may they be

Hand off your blues
to Jesus
to Santa or to me
be free.

E6 /  Cm7 / A Am6 Fm A7
Dm9 / /  Ab7#5  Cm7 ///
Bm7  Bbm7 G13 /  A11 /
A11 /  C#7 / Dm7 /
C#Ma9 / Dm7 / CMa7 / Dadd 4 / ////

[3/4] BMaj-mi // C#m7 // A // G#m7 // A69 //
[4/4] B9 / B7#9 / CMa9 / C13 / [3/4] C#Maj-mi // A7 // D69 // ///

[5/4]  Dm6 ////
C#Ma9 // B7 /
C6 ////
G69 ////


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