Let There Be Heavy

Stand in the line where lined up are
ways to get high to get down
something I never thought of unexpected necessary like a reason
when it is my turn
I will be ready to be astounded.

It’s all right if you don’t understand me
after all understanding takes some
practicing and some afternoon tea
grueling effort and a bachelor’s degree
stand your ground and
I will stand mine
the winner is he who falls into the sea.

I don’t want light I want heavy
give me profound give me deep
anything consequential pivotal and earth-shaking like a lyric
not inessential
rather a fundamental pounding.

Sentiments travel over the javelin
over the fifty yard line over
heavily drawn up lines of engagement
over a forty to sixty year line stand
stand your ground
ground your tendency to be a man
pounded and plugged into the master plan.

Let there be toil and let there be
weight on the head telling me
after the bouyancy of realizing I am the one choreographing
the mass for night’s day
still in the gut is a hunger for the hidden.

Gm11 / Am7 /  Eb7 Am
Bm11 /  FMa9 /  F#7 B7#5 /// C7
Dm7 C#m7  Em7 /
F#9 / G#m7 /
Am6 / B7#5 / D7 /// ////

G7 ///
Em7 ///
D9 ///
G6 / C7 /  //
G6 /  Dm7 /
G6 / [3/4]  C7 // C#m7 //
D9 // [4/4] AbMa7 ///  D7 /// ////


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