Cardinal Systems for the Living Universe

Each with its color and no grays
there are ten there are nine
eight there will be some days
angles to the central fusion

seen and talked about as cluster
but no the opinion here funnels
us from broad to narrow the way
we pour knowledge into bottles.

The ten are body parts often said
in certain circles to carry ten
lights lipids powers meanings
head the top descending tinkered

installed and thick to ankles
not a tree but standing singular
not a constellation however heavenly
not as limited as its numbering.

Babylonian priests in groups
gather and lean over a kidney
cut across with breadth and scope
and read the future for the king.

The nine might be artichoke leaves
or onion layers or fingers one thumb
cut off or bit off in a fight
or the days up the canyon or a dance.

The eight from a tradition boxed up
in quartos dividing into twelves
two fours stitched to a signature
first and last and six held fast.

Renaissance and pre-Enlightenment
scientists assemble their instruments
making most careful measurements
of sky and eye and of the momentary.

Have heard about the nasty seven
have scraped against it falling asleep
only in a bent revelation never
evenly divided up or trusted.

Then six the hex of time doubled
divided up into inner and outer
into the qabbalah of the mayan
predicting drought and famine.

The five of the hand quintessence
of most bent blue melodies
the pentagram of the symphony
sinking into entropy.

The four the three the two
the primary and the fundamental
the likewise and the besides
the misbehaving gentle

strategies for understanding
how the human naturally
violates his natural ends
arriving at his fragile fractal.

I count the leaves falling
I calculate how the earliest
regulates the latest
and fill in the gap.


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