Basement Matters

Long not tempted to explore
dark short basement room
enter under back porch
several sundry lives on shelves
in unlabeled mason jars
not mine not yours but ours.

Scurrying into dark dirt
spiders then something else
good thing for the flashlight
to separate trash and treasure
story from fiction wishful
thinking from what we were.

All of it too dusty under
crust of creative forgetting
I scooted out a box
four customized mugs
gifts never given never
filled and message unread.

Pushed that back spotted
old xmas ornaments in a
brown grocery bag wrapped
individually in tissue
unfortunately we no longer
celebrate that holiday.

Down out of sight less
digested than morning’s bagel
years on fuzzy named streets
sorting our relative games
highlit days punctuating
crisis slighted by brain.

Moved threshold kept much
of an excessively rich past
from nose-rubbing awareness
better the worst is kissed
goodbye and placed in storage
not as if it mattered.


About mrsorenson

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