Point Zero on the Colorado

Rivers prepare their arid neighborhoods
for centuries of leaning in toward
the draining of smoke the barking of dogs
the following of misinterpreted rules.

Evidences of former developments left
to fall back into earth’s forgetfulness
a fence, a dirt road’s embankments,
a circle, a cylinder, a rusted tank.

When I was tewnty-one I married
out of unthanked passion for passion
under a blanket, in the passenger seat,
foundation in my loins for deceit.

Much earlier in much later preditions
predicated upon the noblest pretensions
the orchards lining my front back
bore fruit of pure white from black.

The tops of battles maintain rigidity
through annual and eonic erosion
down gravitates shape’s sandy incline
while the highest viewpoint is maintained.


About mrsorenson

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