Morn Beyond Rule

I give this you
in exercised exorcism
my mandrake sewn into
an unassigned poem

most mornings
slow coffee fast
hungry past eating
get words down

chased by parts
flashes of dream
washingtonian job
missing clothes

past come backish
again who dominant
cut off questions
authority scissors

which more many
of field of fathers
hands under dirt
deepening ancestors

like rod put
half down or up
purposing attraction
detonated Sirius

when cracks brimming
arrive hair trimmed
skull under promises

scratch it avaunted
away void tendencies
capture lightning that
link link heresies

sun roost ease from
bell alarming inside
eyes onward close
reach raven shades

ponderous said
sufficient dosage
stim invidiously
flout dark beyond

then another demi
cup gods tossed
in gear each hour
bounds made lost

I am a man
finally by lunch
flown to stand
by poetic hunch

spit it out its
rhyming trying as
hard as adamantine
an unlying image

turned on water
wash rinse repeated
hotter to cleaner
limitations cheated

once then once
per day for ages then
chicken spreads wings
returns a sage.


About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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