We Are Lucky

We are lucky
luck gave us time when we were timeless
luck gave us immediacy when we needed it
luck followed us around
nipping at our heels
until our feelings got in line
with our particular reality.

We are
lucky. We’re
luckier than
last year.

More than lucky
the man who has the woman who
thinks about tomorrow as now with a bird’s-eye view
who sees when he is sad
for no real reason.
Who are these more than lucky dopes
who have a plucky hope like bumblebees?

Happy as two trees
rooted deep and watered
as two slaves
finally free.

G /// G6 ///
D9 /// Em7 ///
Gm7 B6 C6 B6  A6 / B11 /  F9 ///
GMa7 / G6 / Ab6 /
F7 / CMa7 /
CMa7 /  Am7 // D7 /
Am / Bm7b5 / D7 / ////

Bm6 ///  C6 ///  Dm7 ///  F9 ///

Am9 ///  F#7 ///  Am7 ///  G ///


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