Gold Watch

It may speak volumes but
a gold watch writes no memories
work is only a door to what
connects us to the chimpanzees.

Without a key sleeps the engine
my deaf ear to your belief
from pearl-encrusted contention
a silver necklace is no relief.

For all its popular preeminence
outreaching the most distant spot
a love song makes no reference
to who is catching or who is caught.

Running away in haste or slowly
a footstep purchases no grudge
a fossil in the mud finally
leads to where we all have trudged.

I pick up rocks where ancestors
hunted for technology
a groove boondoggled in leather
on a nail for hanging tools.

Joy comes like candy
to the worshipper of the held
grain grows into its threshing
and must move on from its field.

The waxing of the moon’s voice
and waning of the father’s advice
formulates a song’s core
anthem once and blues twice.


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