Seven Loving Fallacies

For a young man in transit like a bullet
every day was its own birth and death
in the shadow of meeting someone with real
clout at least potentially also with appeal
he lives momentarily and loves the day
at the rise of the sun the light fades away.

Marriage the sacrament of the sincere
took his ankle in teeth of a chandelier
his sparkle in worry his books in ashes
as blue devils and jinni washed his dishes
ensnaring ideas ignoring the severe
inflation of pity in his elephant’s ear.

As insensitive as he was to pain
he could be burned by a certain flame
the heat and fire that arose out of callous
counting up of the tally of the status
of the standing of the waves the break
lying in wait behind sweet partaking.

Another mistake too often dangerous is
thinking that you can comprehend a stranger’s
life with its school of tuna fish intentions
sallying many-headed in absurd directions
longing in a day or two to bring it home
to speak its lingo and drink its foam.

Wanting to be handled by the arcane
the transparent and artless man of plain
inclination oblivious to possible losses
encounters the other and feigns closeness
with an embrace as rapacious as greed
as bitter as roots as deluded as need.

Everything evenly measured in teaspoons
in fleeces in pockets and inches in lampoons
favors poured into glasses and plates
in tits as well as the trickiest tats
you all have your numbers never the same
too many rules to pull together a game.

Nothing will fit when overly fitted
the final fallacy you will ever see committed
is that love was made before the lovers
that the resolution preceded the troubles
abandon plastic hope and give up fate
take off the slippers slip on the ice skates.

There is no more ornate mutual disguise
than the one stitched out of loving lies
lie in the bed covered with nothing
out of your chest flowers and suffering
morning can only belong to her and you
from a long night’s compromised point of view.


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