Getting Old

No one will know how
long you have been around
as long as you don’t
act like you are young
when you’re not.

Haste has no more power
days go by much faster
however much slower now
are the ligaments
in cold weather.

Saddle up your piebald pinto of a
warhorse so far trustworthy
fill a saddlebag full of good books
head out head up no worries
no hurry trust your backside.

Senses grow more thin
thin but acute, soft
soft but attuned, aloft
pulling out of air
ever more oomph.

Keep trying to be whole
too many diverse
strands to be coerced
from so many dreams
into one theme.

Go down to River Calico
step in bare foot feel how
near the bank it is almost friendly
but as you get deeper into
the current it does not end.

When I was a young man
I wrote it all down
all verbs and no nouns
cannot say I didn’t
run down the sun.

A13 ///  Eb7 ///
Ab6 /// F9 ///
G11 ///  A7 ///
D  Em7  A13 /
A69 /  Ab69 /  G69 ///  ////

D ///  G / C /
G /// F7 ///  Bb7 / Fdim7 /
C ///
Gm7 /  Ab6 /  D / Em7 /
D /  Ebm7 Dm7 Ab69  G /// ////


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