Where Velocity Was Heading

Velocity marked only in square
fence posts in harried passage
within the round confines of
the driver’s eye there is none
of all that fast talk
of speed of recklessness.

A boy stepped into the intersection
wouldn’t make eye contact
leaving the rest of us reminded
and motivated to move like mad
like neither tomorrow nor today
first blink and he was by.

Constructs of ingress and egress
of meaningfulness in a game
of vocabulary ends up only
pretending science in serious
counting, assigning, comparing
between sips of loneliness.

Having a volatile discussion
about speaking of speaking of
dogs in the back of a pickup
spinning too fast for observation
too slow for feeling perked up
down the road before turning.

Hawking yacks if you can say that
about information chewed up
and spit out by black holes
like rulers creatin inches like
grammars swallowing prepositions
like each circle proclaiming it pi.

Once a question is asked I’d think
it’d be appropriate to kick around
some ideas, facts or answers
unless more significant things demand
ingress or egress or forgetting
where the information was heading.


About mrsorenson

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