Road Map

The road on the map was taken
to another road then a lane
and back again in the afternoon
guided by a gilded moon
arriving just before the rain
let loose.

The young children love morning
when teenagers are ornery
working men and women are told
when to rise and when to fold
lucky old folks watch the moments
then choose.

The fantasies we do not dare to dare
are our fantasies for ever.
The fantasies we carry out will
both shackle and unshackle us
both make and unmake
both the map and the road.

Traffic thick as ants in a crack
people on their strict schedules
thinking that they are behind the wheel
while billboards tell them how to feel
emotions build up until they have to
hit the juice.

The highway sign said three hundred miles
decide soon if it’s worthwhile
look for a turnoff with no gas
and see how long your luck can last
consuming each view like a blood

F /// ////
Dm7 /// G ///
Dm7 /// G ///
F9 / Am7 /  F9 / Am7 /
C7  F7  Bb7  Eb7 Gm7  C7 / F ///

C /// /Am7 / Bb7 / Am7 / Eb9 /
Gm7 /// C7 /// F9 / Am7 / Bb7 / Gm7 /
[repeat two more times]


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