Chalk it Up to Truth

Clash between minds
kind of annoying
on one level innocent
still somehow chilling.

Chance to explain
after arguing
say nothing that will not fly
say nothing at all.

Self, be not such a black belt
hold back the inclination to be so
sure of your earliest
blood-borne blow-back.

More poisonous than snake bite
urge to be correct rather than right
react to reaction and
spite makes for closed captions.

Drove all the way downtown
on the way talked about what counts
music and tools and fools
respect for change and
changing the rules.

Incredibly it went wrong
I stopped the car and let you out
Why and about what?
you have your story
I have this song.

Sons have a disease
fathers have it too
stare into the loaded sun
shoot two kinds of gun.

Now what do I do
give it time to die off
or chalk it all up to truth
and hope he does too?

F ///  ////
Gm7 ///
FMa7 /// C7 ///
Bm7 //// C7 /// C6 ///

B11 ///  Am7  G7#5  F13 /
E11 /// A7#5 ///  Cm7 / Gm7 /
A7 /
Cm9 /  Gm7 ////

Em7b5 / A7 /
C9 /// F ///
Bb ///  Ebm7 ///
B7 / A7 / C7 ///  F ///


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