Awe of the Unknown

Why does the snail crawl up the brick wall
because the cat likes to sit in the road
why will a child say no no no to the mother
and then refuse to leave her side
because the sky is such a mess
that we worship it.

The student went to class to study the teacher
they learned about each other without knowing
how many times the other had been spanked
for saying what was not allowed
for allowing the unpopular
to spank back.

A stick was in love with a billiard ball
they shared a table in a dark abode
they conspired to spread the improbable
they were violent they were satisfied
to be hit and blessed
to be blessed and hit.

The action of water has the effect of a dance hall
and the most explosive flood implodes
what goes up and comes down must learn to grovel
you will never fly with an excess of pride
because the sky is footloose
and cannot be kept up with.

Dogs of every size know the dogness of the others
long-haired and short old and still growing
along comes a goose and they’re all spooked
a shepherd up a brick wall
a dachshund at the dance hall
a lap dog on the attack.

Need I finish off with a personal reference
I think so because everything I have told you
should be taken with a grain of experience
it’s a shot in the dark from a bird’s eye view
the sky makes its music
the water does its dance
fathers talk but it depends on you.


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