Four Lists

Football in the roses
fledgling fallen out flapping
cup of tea on top of the car
a doll in the pantry or the fridge
cat blocking a door
cheerios in the grass
squirrels eating coffee grounds
a codger grinning at all these
punctuations on an abbreviated
list of unbelongings.

List of oughts and ends
getting rid of books
finally seeing the world
deciding not to decide
no more lawn mowing
race as a good thing
religion not pointedly pointing
being happily broke
sleeping and staying awake
the silences of near noise
like tree wind and wave lap
half a bite before
half a sip and knowing
just what to say.

Someone else’s loud music
dogs inserting themselves
into the meadow of deer
where I am when I hear
the murmuring voices
cheap snacks
quick judgments
bullies and bad habits
list of things not found
in heaven.

List of little matterings
greater than they look
what you would say to
an odd poem about you
hard friendly games
on the table or in the gym
coming from behind to win
learning to predict
unpredictable fashions
investing in them only
to pull out just before
entropy piles high
transforming the swung mood
into the sensitive reflection
turning breakfast into dessert
and sometimes vice versa
sweetening the pot and being sweet
following the pursuit
of true love by curiosity
making lists
telling some of the truth.


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