In and Around Beauty

Not tested by wind
the weight of a branch too much
deviated from the other side
wants to split
but can’t.

Not many eyes
can see the beauty of women
only an eye pure of fear
of the duty to

Not many women
know the heavy beauty they carry
like donkeys with baskets
balanced in motion
sky high.

Marriage on the seat
of a swing in an ancient tree
weighs extremes against
the still nadir
passed through.

No single man
can brag of shapeliness
it takes an unspoken scrape
with the hip of grace
to say it.

Not a good day
goes by without beauty
strangling my distractions
in and around

Not half who think
they do really have a shot at
acquiesence can slip into
that melting pot
of seemliness.


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2 Responses to In and Around Beauty

  1. huzaifazoom says:

    the atoms of this poem are breathing free, romping about in newfound meaning.

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