When It Expresses Itself

When a woman and a man kiss
they belong in the kiss
they are owned by the embrace
they cannot escape the touch
of lips placed so close
they trade secrets.

When you let yourself drink
to forlorn drunkenness
holes grow in your power
a heart of targets and
what you have become
is a tasteless shooter.

Halfway through the swamp
of dire sickness is a weakness
logic stripped away until
what sticks out is a value
prime and embarassing
when it expresses itself.

Give your inkling to an honest
moment obedient to time
ticking with undeniable
momentum from and into
that child you always were
that old person too.

Get to the bottom of your pond
by removing all the water
but when the water is gone
it is a pond no longer.
We are like that you and I
murky and full.


About mrsorenson

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