He woke up younger
knees tucked up under
sucking on his fingers
thinking about nothing but
not remembering his dreams.

He woke up animated
implanted with machinery
for keeping himself up-to-date
no science only chicanery
in a habitat of self-doubt.

He woke up curious
and found himself tedious
pleasing everyone hideously
encapsulating the avarice
that creeps in from the outside.

He woke up older
not wanting to hold her
overly nostalgic for
mornings he was scolded
for being Dad’s golden boy.

He woke never having been
permitted to live in
the comfort of his own skin
so today he was determined
to live inside out.


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4 Responses to Finally

  1. minionpoet says:

    This poem is so thought provoking. It’s lovely. 🙂

  2. RJ says:


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