Making It

Growing up with hopes
of accomplishing accumulation
working your palms off
skin wasting away in wages
belaboring the brain down
to the nub to get ahead
working for rich folks intent
on being around the smell of green
what can be built up into
more than a pile or more
than a runaway slow stream
selling stuff to the poor common
necessities watered down
boxed and shipped worldwide
getting thousands to do your
bidding for less than a living
making luxury goods nice
for showing off by the children
of the credit card classes
where well-offedness consists of
signs and symbols of the fist
convincing people you are master
of how they can make money
packaging enthusiasm
like soap with shiny slogans
strengthening dominant values
until you are in with the flock
fat under the right bridge
flying out when sun sets in
an economical cloud of bats.


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4 Responses to Making It

  1. huzaifazoom says:

    as poetic an indictment of capital and accumulation and “of the credit card classes/where well-offedness consists of/signs and symbols of the fist” as a poet can aim for.

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