Rocky Shallow Kisses

Most people do not realize
when their voice starts to rise
when aggravation over nothing
derails the train to somewhere better.

Most people have no idea
how a conversation is developing
they jump from rock to rock hoping
they don’t fall into the shallow water.

My lost last rib and I
start deep and come up
out of the wordless pool
into the air of fools
and weak joke tellers
and cackling blue jays
drowning out all fibs.

Most people give up give in before
they have a chance to even the score
or even know what the score is
horizontal dumbfounded.

Most people are pigeons, then the hawks
take their pick before there’s a squawk
most people think they’re brave as quail
but with no sense of the sense of an owl.

My darling and I speak
tossing grass over peaks
coloring winter pink
flattening all barriers
to lying eye to eye
with eyes as closed as
winter is to spring.

My wicked wife and I
plot our way out of the world
with winks and nudges
up the steepest
down the deepest
frontiers of rocky
shallow kisses.


About mrsorenson

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