Resistance Is Key

When you are weary do not sleep
do not let a yawn slip out
maintain an attitude of complete control
being tired is for the fool.

Resistance is the key to happiness
being stubborn is the key to success
why would anyone love you if they were not impressed
be tough enough to resist.

Future on tap
all mapped out
harbor no doubt
that life without
surprise is wise.

Do not be such a boy as to think
you can let some tinkerbell waltz right in
taking over your life like she owns the place
wipe that smile off your face.

When your heart is melting keep it hard
keep it on the ground not in the stars
when the day of judgment comes and they count all your money
you’ll be sorry if you haven’t any.

Box it all up
lock it tight
stand guard at night
and during the day
no time to play.


About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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