Than Before

Fall in love and stay up all night long
fall in love and sleep all day long
everything seems perfect and yet
what comes after
is more perfection than before
than before than before.

People wonder what you are doing
people criticize how you are acting
they have no idea how right right is
when we deviate
from the path we walked before
path of less path of more.

Like a river love has its direction
fall in love and stop swimming upstream
we are not separate we do not flow from
mouth to mountain
fall in love from head to toe
fall in love and let love grow.

We can be and see and reach
a wetter cloud a longer beach
we can be perfect still searching
it is not incompatible
more than before is so animal –
the always born of the impossible.

When you were an individual
what was the most tangible –
the vague self or the holdable other?
More reality
than before all around us
than before was ever inside us.


About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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