When my eye disappears
who will see for me
who will watch when I
thank my lucky stars
spread my wings
and fly?

It is only half way through the day
where do my senses drift to
melancholy with
no reason for it
who is she
and why?

I knew almost nothing
when you kept yourself to yourself
I was a flat face and perfect hole
resonating no real notes
on a grand guitar
in your lap.

When time passes who will test me
to see if my time has come
pour me in my glass
slowly and carefully
hold me up
to the light?

When my poems stop their tumbling out
who will bind the blind words together
with their neighbors and
loved ones so they don’t
stay to haunt
my ear?

Come home and be with me
be your you and I will be me too
I was a tornado in search of kansas
you were throwing your hands up in the air
then place met time
and twisted.


About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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