Sense of Glow

Starting slow sense of glow
distance cut half and then again
half again with a flambeau free flow
strong preference
for stirring light into heat
slowly though.

Toss in dark sulking looks
candle lit behind a veil of the
brightest heaviest most perceptive silk
warmth of hand
cheek against skin head of drum
milky white.

You know that game we
used to play when we were kids
take one or two or three of the matchsticks
trying to guess how many the other would take
when it gets down to a few
you and he both knew who
the last one.

Rising sun chocolate
breathing in early shadowy
mostly unfailing pepper of hawk
salt of snow
post-pheremone hunting ground
sounding board.

Blind man stands at the
end of the circumstantial line
hands out in the burgeoning air of the morning
holding onto the plate of bread and gravy
given him by the dawn
getting ready to glow
he is gone.


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