Bill-Beaked Man

This bill-beaked man
is a jay on a wire
of doves, a love-bird
in a spring of mean
mean robins.

What you see in front
of you is a shell-shocked
pheasant flying home
over fields shot full
of buckshot.

Nobody knows the truth
like a quail in the road
outguessing death daily
with a string of young ones
all scattering.

Every year a hawk appears
saying he is from god
his shadow and his screech
calls all small creatures
to repentance.

A world of competition
a gospel of eat and nest
a creation myth with
sunrise breaking out of

On the wire we chatter
we hope we can mate
if we can’t we wait
until we are bigger
and meaner.


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2 Responses to Bill-Beaked Man

  1. huzaifazoom says:

    Potent word choice and imagery: very much an in-the-zone poem.

  2. mrsorenson says:

    Thanks. Hopefully all poems are zone poems, but this one is in a zone out ‘there’.

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