Samson and Lulu

Samson was a volunteer on
Governor Street where Lulu came in
looking for food maybe a bed
pack on her back she would
not open for anyone
not just anyone.

Samson had a history of
being a steady sort of a guy
kept to himself helped out a lot
knew how to keep his mouth shut
he wouldn’t let anyone in
not just anyone.

Walking past each other in the
halls of the shelter fevered them up
he felt undead she was beheaded
wandering through days gutted not
knowing if they could survive
their being alone.

Saw the sun too close
didn’t look like it was dangerous
by the time its rays
came into his eyes it was too late.

Loosened up her noose
didn’t want couldn’t stand honesty
when it got too close
she had gone and turned into her ghost.

She said that the meaning of her name had power
over the night
she was right.

He argued inside of himself about his life
it played back
he lost track.

Lulu tried to empty out her
arteries, head and hardly used soul
years on the ward not very hard
as long as she could pretend
her dream were about him
not just anyone.

Samson gave up trying to be
anything good or honorable
got a job selling pharmaceuticals
as long as he kept track of days
and hours on his shiny watch
he was not just anyone.

C //
G9  Bm7 / G7 /
C ///  C9 ///  E7 / Gdim7 /
G7 ///  C ///
G ///  G7 ///

Dm7 / Bm7 /
F#m7 ///  Em7 ///
C9 /// D7 ///
C9 /  D7 / F /// ////

Bm11 / D7 /  Am7 ///
G6 ///  Em7 F#m7 ///


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