No Time Only Wheels

The twist about the present
is that it’s in the conspiracy
between the wife and the husband
the future and the history
the teller and the listener.

There is no time only
wheels within macaroni
they spin and spread the cheese
and if two people say please
they might get the same bite.

You must admit no matter
what you may mutter
up in your ivory tower
about synchronicity it is
always so unsynchronized.

Out of the chaos arose
light and what it grows into
when day shines mind flows through
sun and earth and equally
through speaker and hearer.

For as long as we’ve been
recycling this infinity
we’ve called it everything
from charisma to enigma
from luck to original sin.

Whatever you call it
it’s all in the storytelling
so tell and listen well
how happenings were related
before they were created.

Out of the mouths of babes
who drink time from bottles
comes one word before another
and before you know it
they are crazy poets.

What they say is just
heaviness tossed in water
and whatever waves over
is commonality of breath
in the telling and the listening.


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