Come and Gone

Lullaby #13
Come and Gone

Come step into dark
come to where I can hold you close
come and gone are sparks
come now say with me adios.

Gone are the days
gone are your ways of being bad
gone is the good
gone is all crying and sadness.

Come and gone the long day
come the end of history
gone on whistling wind.

Come to your mother (or father)
come until your fussing is over
come head and toes
come til your consciousness goes.

Gone are the toys
put away into their places
gone are the animals
with feathers and fur on their faces.

Come and gone like last fall
come the sleepy noggin
gone so fast so deep.

[A in 3/4]
C //  Gm7 // /// ///
C6 // Gm7 //  C // ///  D7 // ///
C6 // Gm7 // A7 // ///  D7 // ///

[B in 4/4]
G6 ///  F#m7 ///
G6 ///  CMa7 ///
G6 /// Am7 ///
G7 /// C ///  //// Dm7 /// ///


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