Crucial Little Things

A kiss or no kiss at all
gives voice to the daily circuitry
broke is broken closed is open
close attention makes it stall.

The toes tell the knees where
to walk when the way cannot be stated
more than a step at a time ahead
crucial attention is none at all.

One note can make or kill
a melody so use a big ladle to listen
they will taste better all together
take a mouthful or none at all.

Minute temptations rise or fall
in the seas of intentions between us
that ecosystem stirs and teases
not to swallow too much is crucial.

When I said what I intimated
musically it was syncopated
the overt and the covert dancing
crucial to attention was none then all.

Don’t let any little thing
get in the way of any big thing
they will both whisper in both ears
semantics crucial to the syllable.


About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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