From the road to the bay rocks
path protected by boughs of needles
path of needles showing the way
attention helical but corrected
by the steady foot and the other
steady foot progressing.

My way from here to heaven
saving is unnecessary
flying low and talking too high
in that headroom above trying
these blues intoxicate
progress is approximate.

Danger on the rocky ridge
danger on the icy bridge
go too fast push your chance
miss the hairpin curve by inches
these blues are dancing
progress advancing.

A book I read at sixteen
came up again all wrong
wrong in tone and in page
after page of stubborn seeking
wrenched screwdriven conclusion
about my own progress.

Hot peach cobbler and electrified
pounding into the ground playing
light my crooked way and even when
fuses fuze out every sense
the storm takes direction
from some unsensible progress.


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