Earth Is Small

The earth is a ball
we live on the edge
the earth is small
as planets go
it is all we know
and we don’t know much.

Today is tomorrow
on the opposite side
do others follow us
or we them?
the days debate
but can’t decide.

You and I have more than many distant cousins
living in the cities, deserts and islands
when they are awake we are in oblivion
when their eyes close our eyes open.

Over the horizon
over a hundred of them
people are driving
mad as hatters on
the other side of the road
is it so surprising?

Around the bend to the end
drums dance to the naked eye
the divisor and dividend
trade places and multiply
you had to be there
and it happens everywhere.

[verse in 3/4]
G //  CMa7 // G69 //
CMa7 //  G //  CMaj7 //  G69 //
CMa7 // ///
D9 // C9 //  D9 //
Bm7 // E9 //  D9 //  C9 //  Am7 //

[chorus in 4/4]
C / F#m7 /  G ///
C / F#m7 /  G ///
F / Ebdim7 / G6 / D9 /
F / Ebdim7 / G6 / D9 /


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