Woven Rhythms

You can change one action
grand or small
according to your attention
and not change at all.

A rule is whatever
gets violated whenever
a different stricture
is given more moment.

No screw tightens
no cord knots
or can tie our efforts
in fettered concert.

But still when the baby
whimpers the mother
drops her dreaming
in a warm whisp.

Variegated formulae
of domestic rhythms
boost and dampen
like fall and spring.

Your creaking the pitch
too high for the ear
speaks to your grumble
you hear a gray average.

Kitchen and nursery
smells and pleasures
recipes half done are
broken down often.

Husband and wife
send the long way
around the equator
ills and cures.

Two faces cheeks pressed
looking in two directions
hearing distant voices
from a time held close.


About mrsorenson

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