Hypothesize or Celebrate

Celebratory as lemonade
once a year the moons rejoice
with snow and ice along the divide

drink up leftover rays
excess atmosphere hoisted
light a candle and do not hide it

rivers full of mayonnaise
flow too slow and quickly spoil
the salmon are left unsatisfied

over the fence fascinates
not nearly as realistic of course
as a life that has struggled and died

pretend you are the Santa Fe
worth two fees at twice the price
the track is proud and not too wide

precisely what the angels say
is desperately what I implore you
I will be faithful to what you decide

blue and yellow lemon jays
sharks with passion in the groin
with pleasure in the mouth amplified

god refuses empty praise
comes back with admonishment
hands unraveled and tongue untied

boundless sense of false amazement
thin of mind and thick of voice
short of what was advertised

hypothesis that religion pays
allows no room for true rejoicing
but leaves all the upshot cut and dried

fooled again by sympathies
landing on unfamiliar shores
cargo gone but the crew survives

surrender or lose the day
decide if you have choice or not
and whether with it you will abide


About mrsorenson

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