While You and I Travel Along

Ton two plus blue
singing ’em rock pile
badger ’em day longing
rounda no bounce confuse
air metal loosen up the while
weak strong oh the wronging.

While you and I travel along
off and and on where the river
ping pongs from the east hills
slightly to the western crags
dramatically pushing the current
in odd regular alternation
between misdirections
we look down look up
we argue with the time of day
we flagellate where we’ve been
we persist and we stray
not sure of anything but
the downstream.

Dark in into much
slant over bitch dimmer
cross back lacerate longer
ago askew astonish the such
how hope excessive slimmers
the crow language cuts stronger.

While you and I travel along
a coast we used to only visit
our business fizzling into minutes
lessons learned broken up and fed
to the gulls like bread too old
to consume for potency
the children live on cold cereal
and being busier than each other
we survive on much more ethereal
preparations for the future
the coastline is becoming familiar
the ways of wind and water wake
an archaic dream.

After so long sewing together
evenings out of crazy scraps
of morning the what to do
steps aside for the how to do it.

Flatten scramble unsure shinny
sput shim in ecstatic conflict
a prize lies like heaven was waiting
years at a time of horse trading.

While you and I travel along
wading into the deep water
the screeching of the lesser creatures
fades into the milky way.


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