Love Sheltered

Years of being afraid of it
left it alone
skittish in shadows
unpracticed unsatisfied
only maybes and goodbyes
love sheltered deep down inside.

not yet even warm
guarded with a hesitant switchblade
nurtured by two nursemaids
one wise and one blind.

Saved for when it will last forever
in some future
hidden and protected
three chambers three locks three keys
once a year allowed to see
the sunshine of the shortest day.

Finally the day waited for
broken like a bowl
angry as a bull
coloring the narrow sky with the wildest
strokes telling us how it cried
as a shutaway stepchild.

When finally love was no longer
sheltered it crashed
like a holiday like war
half-cocked and careening off cliffs
expended replenished
like a day like a year.

About one generation later
a young one taught to
keep love asleep
to maintain all intimacy intimately
finds himself in a crack
in his heart trying to escape.

Faint shriek
it only wants a peek
no, much more after looking leads
to nursemaids stripping down to sanity
without sex without vanity.


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