Starting in inner space
moving up to the heart and lungs
filling up where the air
satisfies its own tongue
working on giving back bliss
this is the war and peace of noise.

Music is all birdsong
poetry competitive mating display
round and around all day long
in a portrayal
in sound of the background
making sense of the foreseen
afternoon flamboyance.

Seminal intuition
everything is fine as wine
vigorous powerful
filling out the story line
terrible trouble then peace
this is the bliss and gamble of noise.

Howl into the quiet
hullabaloo into the rowdy riot
whisper your intimate fury
don’t say you’re sorry
until you see what can follow
when it’s fulfilled and
noise becomes distilled.

Gm7 /// D9///  B6 ///
F9 / Bb13 / Ebm7 /// Gm7 ///
D9 // Bb6  E9 / A13 / C6 /// ///

Eb9 // A11 ///
Gm7 / B7 /  ////
Dadd4 ///  ////
Bm7 ///  F#7 ///
Dmi9 /// Gm11 /// ////


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