Any More

Any More

Any more
the cup is empty waiting
for an articulate surprise
any more
stripped of rights at the window
where they hand out the info
any more
no more pregnancies or pets
no getting ahead of chance
any more
cold longing for a slipped
away neglected grip
any more
nicks of time dropped
into my cupped hands
any more
warm tribulations spilled
in my lap and I will
any more
not need and will disavow
old days of holier than thou
any more
I am wittily immune
in lucidity too grown
any more
to ripen like the fallen free
fruit that I will not be
any more
the terms never mine
are overly confining
any more
those stars for night too strong
forthwith in morning belong
any more.

[note: edited 12/18/14]


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