Belonging and Not

A man who opens the door for a woman
is with a woman who waits for a door to be opened.

Waking to cans on the floor deserves
another before breakfast is served.

Entering a room she chooses a corner
is she scorned if she scorns the center?

Money flows some directions not others
and not where most of us would rather.

Is it any wonder we are poor as pigeons
when we tend to spend all our ambition?

People complain about my clothing
it tells them more than it exposes.

Our halls are filled with poetry lovers
but only until the language recovers.

I keep coming back to this cultural desert
does that mean I am self-disconcerting?

I am my music my music is me
it is misunderstood but fancy free.

The leopard cannot be found or seen
its environment is a deadly sin.


About mrsorenson

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